How Teachers Assign District Customized Content

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District administrators have the ability to create and share District Customized Content with teachers across the district. 

Once District Customized Content has been shared, teachers will need to assign it to their class(es) before it will appear in the teacher’s Customized Content list and in their student’s To Do list. 

Teachers will also have access to see student scores for the District Customized Content in the Customized Content Report.

The instructions below will walk teachers through the steps.

Assign and View 

Teachers will receive a notification in the upper right corner of their Account Dashboard when District Customized Content is shared with them. The content is not automatically assigned to classes or students. Teachers will do that in a follow-up step. After teachers assign District Customized Content to their class(es), they will be able to review the content and read the separate instructions for students and teachers. 

Click the Notification Bell to view the shared District Customized Content. 

Select the content shared by the district admin to assign it to your class(es).

As soon as the District Customized Content is selected, the Classes page opens. Follow the on-screen instructions and select the class(es) to assign the content. 

Make sure to select the appropriate class(s) then click Add.

Once the Add button is selected, a confirmation box appears on-screen and will now be available in your Customized Content list. 

Teachers will be able to see (as shown below) which content they have created and which content has been created by a district admin. Click the title to view the District Customized Content. 



When District Customized Content is created, admins have the option to allow teachers to edit the content and due dates. If the district admin selects this option, teachers will be able to make changes to content and due dates for their class(es). 


If editing has been enabled by the district admin, teachers will be able to click the Edit button in the Actions Menu. If Edit is grayed out, teachers will not be able to make changes.

To edit District Customized Content, click the three dotsin the bottom right corner of the label for the content you wish to edit.

Make the necessary edits and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

If you have never edited or created Customized Content before, visit the How to Create Customized Content article and select the Edit Already Created Customized Content tab.

View Scores

Teachers will see student scores for District Customized Content in the Customized Content Report. If you are new to using the Customized Content Report, visit the How to Use the Customized Content Report article. 


Teachers will be able to grade student responses, if that option was chosen when the District Customized Content was created. Otherwise, the content is automatically graded by Studies Weekly Online. 

If grading is required, teachers will receive a notification with a link to the student submission(s).

Select the link to view the submission. This will open Quick Grade, teachers will see all the student submissions that need to be graded. 

If you are new to grading student work, visit the How to Navigate the Grade Section article.