How to Add Previously Created Customized Content

Teachers can add Customized Content they created previously (e.g., in another classroom) to a publication.

From the Publications Tab From the Customized Content Tab

From your Studies Weekly Online account:

  1. Click Classes.
  2. Click the Publications button for the desired Classroom.
  3. Click the Publication where you want to add the previously created Customized Content.
  4. Navigate to the section in the Table of Contents where you would like to add your previously created Customized Content. You will see the option to add content at the unit or week level.


  1. Click either Add Customized Content button. Select Add Previously Created Customized Content.

In the pop-up window, select the classroom where you originally created the Customized Content. Then click Select Customized Content to choose the content you wish to add to your current classroom.


Click Yes to confirm the addition and the Customized Content will appear in that unit or week. Teachers can drag and drop to reorder where the Customized Content appears or use the Toggle switch to make it visible or invisible to students



If you want to remove Customized Content, click the three dots  Screen_Shot_2022-10-06_at_13.57.42.png next to the content name and select Remove. The Customized Content will no longer be available in the Table of Contents, but it will still be available in the student’s To Do section and the teacher’s Customized Content section.

To learn more, see the How to Create Customized Content and How to Navigate the Customized Content Page articles.