How to Navigate the Grade Section

Teachers have a Gradebook and Quick Grade in the Grade section. The Gradebook is a quick way for a teacher to see all scores or coins for a week for the entire classroom. The Quick Grade page is where a teacher can quickly grade all questions that require grading by a teacher.

From your Studies Weekly Online account and within the desired Classroom Card, click the Grade button.


After Grade is clicked, the classroom navigation bar is collapsed to optimize screen space. To reopen the navigation bar click the 3 lines next to the name of the report at the top of the page.

Gradebook Quick Grade Rubric

The Gradebook is a convenient place for teachers to see all student scores or coins earned all in one place. To access the Gradebook you must first choose a Publication and week in the Table of Contents dropdown. 

  1. Publication: Dropdown to alternate between publications.
  2. Week: Dropdown to select a week within the chosen publication.
  3. Filter By: Sort by All, Activity, Article, Customized Content, Vocabulary Review, or Weekly Assessment. Teachers can also organize by Coins or Points.
  4. Students: The student rows will display all of the students enrolled in the selected classroom. Teachers may need to scroll down to see all the students or type a student name in the search box.   Selecting a student name will open a Weekly Review* modal.
  5. Each Item in the Week: The selected week's content will display in columns. It shows the icon relating to the item type and the name of the item. Teachers may need to scroll right to see all the assigned content for the week.

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*Weekly Review

Selecting a student name from the Gradebook list will open a Weekly Review modal. 

The modal will show the student’s responses and include the following:

A. Direct link to the week in the Table of Contents

B. Total Number of Submissions for the student and the date and time of the Submission(s)

C. Total Coins awarded for the week

D. Submission number, Coins earned for the submission, and Total Score for the Assessment, Activities, Crossword, and for Customized Content.

E. Print button

Use the scroll bar on the right side of the modal to view all the answered content for the week.

In the Gradebook, Article Comprehension Questions will be numbered sequentially and have the following for each enrolled student: 

 Not Started: The student has not started the item.

  In Progress: The student has begun the item but has not completed it. 

 Completed: The student completed the article questions. Article Comprehension Questions are designed as formative assessments for reading comprehension and give students unlimited chances to select the correct response. Reports reflect this and provide teachers with better feedback of student progress toward completion of the weekly activities.

 Allow Retake: Shown in the upper left corner if the teacher has allowed additional attempts of the item. Teachers may click this button to cancel a retake for the selected content.

  Retake not selected: The retake button will be grayed out if the teacher did not allow the student to repeat the item. Teachers may click this button to allow the student another attempt for the selected content. 

     Number of submissions: This will show the total number of attempts on an item. When you click the number in the Gradebook you will see a pop-up modal with the date and time of each submission. When you click a submission you will see the student’s answer. 

Progress Bar: The actionable progress bar shows the student count for Not Turned In (red), Ungraded (orange), Graded (green). Hovering over the bar with your cursor will give the totals for each color. Clicking the progress bar, will open the Grade view for that item.


In the Gradebook, Activities, Assessments, Customized Content, Crosswords, and Misspilled will have the same options as above plus the following for each enrolled student:

 Student score: The student has completed the item. If the student’s score is orange, it needs to be graded by the teacher. Click the score to open the Grade view for that item.

 Comments available: The comment bubble will be visible in the upper right corner if a student or teacher added a comment to the item. When you click the comment bubble, a Review window will appear that includes the comment(s).

Time: Time in which Misspilled was completed.


Make sure and refresh the web browser for the most up to date notifications.

Teachers can leave a comment for the student when grading. Students can then view and reply to those comments.

  1. At the bottom of the question block, click Comments.
  2. Click where it says Add Comment.
  3. Enter your comment.
  4. Click the Paper Airplane button located to the right of the comment text box to send it to the student.

Once sent, you can also hover over the comment to edit or delete the comment.

To learn how to let students retake submissions, see the How to Allow a Student to Retake a Submission article.