How to Create Customized Content

You can create Customized Content from scratch from the Customized Content page or the Table of Contents. You can also create Customized Content by editing your own copy of existing Studies Weekly content. (Click here to find out how.)


From Customized Content Page From Table of Contents

Select a Classroom then the Customized Content tab.

  1. Click Create Customized Content button Screen_Shot_2022-03-22_at_09.42.37.png
  2. Enter a Title and Instructions
  3. Select a Due Date (the default date is one week from creation date)
  4. Select a Due Time (the default time is 11:59 PM)
  5. Click the + Add Question button
  6. Select the question type for the item you want to add
  7. Fill out all fields for selected question or item 
  8. Click + Add Question to add another question or item
  9. Repeat for each question or item you want to add to the Customized Content
  10. Click Create to finish creating Customized Content

From Existing Studies Weekly Content

Any edits to existing Studies Weekly content, including articles, weekly assessments, Crosswords, and Misspilled games, will create a new copy for you on the Customized Content page. 


When you edit an article from the article page, the article content will be copied over but only the article questions will be editable as part of the Customized Content.


  1. On the content or article page, click the Edit tabScreen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_16.18.54.png
  2. Make the desired edits to the content and questions
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save
  4. Click OK on the messageScreen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_16.19.46.png
  5. Make any additional edits and click CreateScreen_Shot_2022-06-16_at_2.53.05_PM.png