How to Assign Content in Google Classroom

Teachers can assign Studies Weekly Online content to students collectively or individually using Google Classroom. This content includes individual weeks, articles, assignments, or other media like images and videos.

To use this feature, teachers must import their students from Google Classroom to Studies Weekly Online. Learn more in the How to Use Google Classroom with Studies Weekly article.

Assign a Week

In the Table of Contents, select the three dots / action menu  Screen_Shot_2022-10-06_at_13.57.42.png  to the right of the week that needs to be assigned. Then click Share LINK with Google Classroom

Assign an Article, Assessment, or Customized Content

Navigate to the content (e.g., an individual article, assessment, or Customized Content) in the publication, then click the Teacher Actions dropdown in the top right corner.


The title of the content will autofill when you share individual articles, assessments, or Customized Content to Google Classroom. To learn more, see the How to Create Customized Content article. 

Assign Explore More Media

You can also share media from Explore More at the end of an article. After you have opened the Explore More content, click the Google Classroom icon in the top right corner.


To log in from Google Classroom, you will need to change browser settings to allow pop-ups. To allow pop-ups, check out the "Allow pop-ups for a specific site" section of this article from Google. The pop-up window will open to your Google Classroom account.

  1. Select the class in Google Classroom where you wish to share the content.
  2. Click Choose action and select the appropriate action from the dropdown menu, then click Go:
      • Create assignment
      • Ask question
      • Make an announcement
      • Create material

  3. Depending on the Action you choose will be your next steps. You may have the option to Add a Title, Question, give Instructions, Points (or “Ungraded”), and the Due Date. You can also add a Topic or narrow down which students will receive the item.
  4. When you’re done, click Assign in the upper right corner.


If you click to access the dropdown menu next to the Assign, Post, or Ask button, you will see the option to Schedule the assignment for a later time and date. You can also save it as a draft or discard the draft. 

The assignment will show up in your students’ Google Classroom stream.


After a student selects an assignment to open in Google Classroom, there will be a pop-up window to select their Google Account to log in to Studies Weekly Online.


If pop-ups are blocked, the student will need to change their browser settings to allow pop-ups. To allow pop-ups, check out the "Allow pop-ups for a specific site" section of this article from Google.