How to Navigate the Table of Contents

Each publication has a Table of Contents. Here, teachers will see the list of assigned items to be completed for the week along with additional resources. There are two different views when inside the Table of Contents, the Table of Contents Overview page and the content within a week.

Open each tab below to learn more. 

Overview Page Navigate the Week Content Options

The Table of Contents Overview page shows the titles of the Units, Weeks, Articles, Activities, Crossword, Misspelled, Weekly Assessment, Customized Content, Unit Assessment, Rubrics, and Extended Reading Articles (online only). Not all weeks will have each item. 

The following options apply to every level of the publication on the Overview page.

A. Quick Navigation: Allows users to quickly access a week within the publication. 

B. Teacher Resources: Quick access to the HTML version of the Teacher Resources for the publication. When selected, it will open in a new browser tab. 

C. Actions Menu: Allows teachers to Revert to Original, Refresh the Table of Contents, Clear My Progress, toggle On or Off content in the publication. (See the blue Caution box below for specifics.)

D. OFF|ON: This button is used to toggle off or on all the units and content within each unit. 

E. Expand/Collapse Caret: Click the caret next to a unit or week title to view weeks in a unit and content in a week.

F. Reorder Units/Weeks/Articles: Click and drag the move arrows to reorder units, weeks, or articles.

G. Toggle: Allows you to hide individual units, weeks, and content from student view.


  • Clear My Progress will remove the selected answers, highlights, and notes a teacher has created while in Student View of the content.
  • Refresh Table of Contents will collapse all open weeks.
  • Revert To Original  will revert units, weeks, and articles back to the original order. It will also reset all toggles to the “on” position.


Level-Specific Options

Some options only apply to certain levels in the publication. Once a Unit and a Week are selected the additional options become visible. 

A. Hyperlinks: Click a hyperlink to open directly to the article/activity view. 

B. Add Customized Content: Below a week, at the bottom of a unit, you will see a button to add customized content (see the How to Create Customized Content article).

C. Week Level PDFs: When available, click links to view Printables, Weekly Assessment, Student Edition, or the Teacher Edition. Hovering over each item will tell you what it is.

D. Actions: The actions menu will give you different options at the publication unit, week, and article and assessment levels.

      • Unit: At the unit level, the Actions menu provides the option to Clear My Progress, which erases all answers, highlights, and notes from all content in the unit.
      • Week: For each week, the actions menu allows you to move the week to a new position, clear your progress, mark a week as optional, or share it to Google Classroom. 
      • Lesson Walkthrough, Article or Activity: The articles and activities within each week can be marked as optional.
      • Assessment, Crossword, Misspilled, Customized Content, Rubrics, or Extended Reading Article: These three options can also be marked as optional or removed.