How to Navigate the Table of Contents

Each publication has a Table of Contents. The Table of Contents contains units, weeks for each unit, and articles for each week. Most, but not all weeks, will also have a weekly assessment and vocabulary reviews. This article covers how teachers can navigate the Table of Contents.

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The following options apply to every level of the publication in the Table of Contents.

  • Revert to Original: This button only shows up at the top of a Publication if the layout has been changed. Clicking it will revert units, weeks, and articles back to the original order. It will also reset all toggles to the “on” position. Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.50.36.png
  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.48.35.pngExpand or Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.48.44.pngCollapse:  Click on the caret icon next to a unit or week title to view weeks in a unit and articles in a week.
  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.49.51.pngReorder Units/Weeks/Articles:  Click and drag the cross arrow icon to reorder units, weeks, or articles.
  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.50.01.pngToggle: Allows you to hide units, weeks, and assessments from student view.



If you don't want students to view an article, weekly assessment, or vocabulary review, you can use the toggles to hide them for that week.


Level-Specific Options

Some options only apply to certain levels in the publication.

  • Actions: The actions button or three dotsScreen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_18.12.56.png give you different options at the publication, unit, week, and article levels.
    • At the top of a publication, the actions will allow you to Refresh Table of Contents or adjust toggles in bulk. Selecting On or Off will toggle on or off all the weeks, weekly assessments, crosswords or Misspilled games for the entire publication.

    • At the top of a unit or week, the actions will allow you to select Clear My Progress, which will clear any highlights and answers to questions that were created by you in your Teacher account for that unit or week.
    • For each week, you’ll also see the option to move the week to a specific position in another unit, mark a week as optional, or share it to Google Classroom. You can also select Mark As Optional for each article within a week.

  • Add Customized Content: At the top of a week and the bottom of a unit, you will see a button to add customized content (see article How to Create Customized Content).Screen_Shot_2022-09-20_at_12.58.56.png


When available, the icons for PDFs of the Teacher Edition and Student Edition for each week will appear next to the toggle button for that week.


To learn more, see the How to Navigate the Article Pages article.