October 2023 Updates

Student QR Codes

Students now have the ability to login using a QR Code. Teachers can print their students' QR Codes from the People section in the Account Dashboard. To learn more visit these Help Desk articles:

How To Print Student Usernames and Passwords and  How to Log In to Your Online Account.


Student and Teacher Notification Revisions

Notifications have a new look for students and teachers. They now see when the notification was received and that the link is clickable to take the teacher or student directly to the next notification task. 


Customized Content Report Available By Student

Teachers can now see individual scores by student, for every piece of Customized Content. The Student Overview within the Customized Content Report, will show each student assigned to the class, and their average score. By clicking a student name, teachers will see student responses and exact scores for each piece of Customized Content. 

To learn more visit the How to Use the Customized Content Report  article.


New Family Dashboard

Parents, guardians, and caregivers can be given view-only access (by a teacher) to see everything a student sees within their Studies Weekly Online account. More details can be found in the Navigating the Family Dashboard article. 

Teachers can add a family email to a student account under the Edit Individual Student section of the People Page. Directions can be found in the How to Edit Student Accounts article.


District Customized Content

In select districts now, coming soo to all districts.

Users with a district admin credential have the ability to create Customized Content for students and share it how they wish across the district. To learn more visit the How to Create and Share District Customized Content