How to Create and Share District Customized Content

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Users with a district admin credential have the ability to create Customized Content and share it across the district. Along with the current Customized Content features available for teachers, district admins have the ability to leave separate instructions for students and teachers.

From your Studies Weekly Online account, select District Customized Content from the sub navigation bar.

The sub navigation bar collapses to optimize screen space. To reopen the menu, click the three lines (hamburger menu) next to the heading at the top of the page.

Create   Share   Edit/Remove  Clone  

Every piece of District Customized Content will appear on the Customized Content list and be visible for all district admins. The District Customized Content will not appear for teachers until it is shared with them by a district admin. It will not appear for students until it is assigned by their teacher. 

Initial Steps to Create District Customized Content

From the District Customized Content page, select the Create Customized Content button in the upper right corner. 

Use the following image and instructions to create content for the district.

  1. Enter a Title and Instructions for the students. The title and instructions should be clear and concise to make sure teachers assign it to the correct class(es) and students understand the instructions. 
  2. Select a Start Date and Due Date (the default due date is one week from the start date).
  3. Select a Start Time and Due Time (the default start time is 12:00 AM and the default due time is 11:59 PM).
  4. Check the box if you want to allow teachers (that are assigned to the District Customized Content) to be able to Edit the questions and due dates. (If checked, only the shared version is edited by teachers, not the original.)

    Check the box if you want to allow teachers to be able to Grade. This is only necessary if you have added Open Response question types. 

  5. Select a grade level. This optional feature helps district administrators filter schools and grades and will not affect who the content can be assigned to. 
  6. Enter (optional) separate instructions for teachers.
  7. Check the box if you want the questions to be randomized for students.
  8. Add questions. Steps for this can be found below.
  9. Click Create to save. (It is an additional step to share the content with teachers. Click the Share button then follow the steps in the Share tab of this article.)
Add Questions

Use the following steps below to add your questions.

  1. Click +Add in the bottom left corner of your District Customized Content.
  2. Select whether you want to add your own QuestionItem, or choose from our Question Bank, or Add Previously Created Customized Content. If you would like to add Open Response question types, consider who will grade the responses. If the box remains unchecked for teachers to grade District Customized Content, those question types will be disabled. 
    • Question                                                  
    • Item                                                     
    • Question Bank                                       
    • Add Previously Created                               
  3. Once you make your selection, fill in all the fields. (You will not click Create until you have finished adding all your questions or items.)
  4. To add additional questions or items, click the +Add button then repeat step 2.
  5. Click Create to save.