June 2024 Product Updates

Leaderboard in Reports

The Leaderboard will show how many coins students earn for a chosen date range in a classroom. The Leaderboard has replaced the coins column that was formerly in the Publication report. 

To learn more visit the Leaderboard article in the Help Center.

New Thumbnails in Teacher Resources

Previously weblinks in Teacher Resources appeared as an actual link. Now they will appear as a thumbnail image to either click the thumbnail to open the link or click the link symbol to copy the link. 

Mobile and iPad View Improvements

Students and teachers will have an improved experience when using small devices.

Teacher iPad Mini View:

Student iPad Mini View: 

Drawing Tool in Customized Content

Teachers and district admins can now assign Customized Content that will allow students to use the Drawing Tool on a blank canvas, over a Digital printable or an image. 

To learn more visit the How to Use the Drawing Tool and Understanding Question Types articles in the Help Center.