How To Edit Student Accounts

Teachers can edit manually created student accounts individually or in bulk. This includes turning on/off special Studies Weekly Online features. 

If student accounts were created using an automated rostering method, such as ClassLink or Clever, a password change must be requested by the teacher to their rostering admin within the district. 

From your Studies Weekly Online account and within the desired Classroom Card, click People

Edit Individual Students Bulk Edit Students 
  1. Next to the student name, on the right-hand side, click on the three dotsThree_dots.png.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Make the desired changes and click Save.   

By default, Accessibility is disabled. Crossword Word Bank, Vocabulary Definitions, Time Delay, and Audio Reader are enabled. 

 Family Email

Enter the email address the family member has provided, then click Send Family Invite Email.

Confirm by clicking Send Email in the pop-up.

Share the Navigating the Family Dashboard article with the family member for instructions on using the account.