February 2024 Updates

User Avatars for Students and Teachers

Students and teachers have the ability to change their user Avatar by navigating to Account Settings within the Profile Menu.

Select Change Avatar

Change the color of your background or select a picture by clicking on it, then Save in the bottom right corner.

View Student Progress in Archived Classes
Teachers have the ability to view student progress in Archived Classrooms. This includes data from Customized Content, the Grade section, and Reports. For complete details visit the Help Center article Viewing Student Progress in Archived Classrooms.

Highlighting Text in Questions

When students select the play button for questions (and answers) within Articles, Activities, Assessments, and Customized Content text will be highlighted as they are being read by Studies Weekly Online.2024-02-19_10-41-24.gif


Print All Feature in Teacher Resources

Teachers can now print all or make a specific selection using the Print button inside headers of sections containing PDFs. To learn more about Teacher Resources visit the Help Center article How to Access and Navigate Teacher Resources.