December 2023 Updates

Individual Student Review in Gradebook

Selecting a student name from the Gradebook list will open a Weekly Review modal. The modal will show all the student’s responses including a link to the week in the Table of Contents and the total Coins earned for the week. To learn more about the printable Weekly Review visit the How to Navigate the Grade Section article in the Help Center.


Updated Headers in the Table of Contents and Creating Customized Content

Previously, content types were identified at the top of content.

The new header for Articles will only show the Article Rating.

Customized Content item types were labeled with the Question type:

Now, the blue header has been removed, optimizing screen space:

Clone District Customized Content

District Admins can now Clone District Customized Content which will create a duplicate version of the selected Customized Content. To learn more visit the How to Create and Share District Customized Content article.