How to Navigate the Student Dashboard

When a student logs in to Studies Weekly Online, they will see their Student Dashboard. This article gives students an overview of how to navigate it. Including changing their Avatar in the Profile Menu. 

To log in, students will: 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter their username and password.
  3. Click Log In.

On the Classrooms page, students will see the classrooms their teacher(s) has assigned them to. Each classroom has its own card with icons to open their assigned Publications, To Do (customized content), and Notes.

Coins, Notifications, and Profile menu

In the upper right corner, students will see their total number of coins, any notifications, and the Profile Menu. These features are accessible no matter where a student is within the the Student Dashboard. 

Students should click the Notification Bell when they see a number attached to it. Here they can view and click to open any retakes their teacher has assigned, read comments from their teacher, grade updates, or see when their teacher has awarded them coins. 

To mark the notification as read, students will click each envelope to open it or click MARK ALL AS READ. Open envelopes can also be clicked to mark the notification as unread.

The Profile Menu is where students can access Explorers and Study Buddies  to spend their coins (if enabled by the teacher), view Account Settings, and sign out.

Within the Account Settings of the Profile Menu, students can change their user Avatar by selecting the Change Avatar button.

Students can choose to leave the default Avatar (which is their initials) and select a new background color or choose from a Studies Weekly Online character. 

Once a selection has been made, click Save in the bottom right corner. 

Additional information about Study Buddies and Explorers can be found in the Student Section of the Help Center.

Add Classroom

If a student’s teacher provided a code to join a classroom, click the Add Classroom button in the top right corner. Once a student types in the code and clicks ADD CLASSROOM, the classroom will appear on the Classrooms page.

Accessing Publications, To Do, and Notes

If a student is already assigned to one or more classrooms, they can click directly on a publication to begin or click the View All Publications button. 

In the Publications tab, click a publication to view its Table of Contents. The Table of Contents shows all of the sections and lessons within the publication. Teachers choose which publications are visible for students as well as which articles, activities, assessments, vocabulary review, and customized content are visible within the publications. 

To navigate quickly in between weeks, use the dropdown box in the upper right corner of the page.

When students enter the Publications tab and do not see the side navigation bar, they can click the 3 lines in the top left corner to open/close the navigation pane: 

In the To Do tab of each classroom card, or the side navigation bar students will see the tasks a teacher has assigned to them. Available tasks are those that the student has not completed yet. Completed tasks have been completed, but not graded. Graded tasks have been completed and graded. 

Students should check the To Do tab regularly for tasks assigned by their teacher. To learn how to find retakes a teacher has assigned, view the How Students Access Retakes article.

Student Notes will show all of the highlights and notes a student has made within assigned publications. Notes can be accessed in the class cards on the Classes page.

If a teacher has enabled accessibility features for a student, the icon will be visible in the bottom left corner of their Student Dashboard.

To learn more about the accessibility features see the How to Use Accessibility Features in Studies Weekly Online article.