How to Play Explorers

In Explorers, students can customize their avatar and decorate a treehouse. The Explorers game is located in the student user profile menu in the top right corner of the screen. To access it, students will click their Profile Menu next to the notification bell, then select Explorers.

Customize the Avatar

Coins are not required to customize the avatar and changes can be made anytime by clicking the default avatar in the top left corner of the screen. 

To make changes to the avatar click the arrows next to the option you want to change. 

When you are finished making changes, click OK. The saved avatar will appear on screen

To return to reading, select the book button.

Decorate the Treehouse

As students progress in Studies Weekly Online by completing learning activities, they earn coins. As students earn coins, the progress bar in the upper left corner will fill in. When the progress bar is filled, students earn a gem. The more coins a student earns in Studies Weekly Online, the more gems they will receive. Gems can be used to make special purchases in the Treasure Box. 

To move around the treehouse, use your mouse, trackpad, or touch screen to click the location where you would like your avatar to move. 

To make a purchase using your Studies Weekly Online coins or gems, click the Treasure Box treasure_box.jpgin the bottom right corner of the screen.

Items are organized into clickable categories. At the top of each category, the items can be sorted by cost (dollar symbol) and favorites (star). 

Click the arrows at the bottom of the screen to view the items on the next page.

To make a purchase, click on the item , then click Buy

The item will appear (highlighted) on screen, click and hold while you drag the item into place. When you are satisfied with your placement, click the green checkmark. If the item is red, it cannot be placed in that location. Students will then be able to purchase more items or close the Treasure Box in the upper right corner. 


Items can be moved after you place them and some items can be rotated. Click and hold the item until it highlights green.


Students can drag and drop the item into a new place or click the Rotation Buttonrotate.jpg.

When you’re finished, click the Green Checkmark checkmark.jpg.

Students can also remove items by clicking the open Treasure Box return_items.jpg . Once clicked, the items will disappear from the Treehouse and go back into the Treasure Box, but the items can be purchased again.


To learn more, check out the How to Earn Coins and the How to Play Study Buddies articles.