How to Use Accessibility Tools in Studies Weekly Online

Students and teachers have access to accessibility tools inside Studies Weekly Online through accessiBe. Teachers will have access to the accessibility features automatically. They do not need to enable it on their account. Teachers will need to enable the feature for the tool to appear on student accounts.


As a shortcut, Accessibility adjustments can also be opened and closed by pressing Alt-9 on PC or Option-9 on Mac.

To enable accessibility tools for a student:

  1. Click Classes.
  2. Select the desired Classroom.
  3. Click the People tab.

Then next to the student name, you can toggle the accessibility features on or off.

Once you enable accessibility tools for the student, they will see the Accessibility option in the sidebar.


Students may need some help knowing which accessibility tools to use. We recommend that teachers log in as the student (under the classroom’s People tab) to turn on the accessibility features for that student.


Teachers will see several accessibility tools and features to choose from, including Accessibility Adjustments, Content Adjustments, Color Adjustments, and Orientation Adjustments. 


Teachers can adjust their own account’s accessibility features by clicking the Accessibility button in the bottom left corner of the screen.


To learn more about each of the accessibility features, please view the attached overview from accessiBe below.