Navigating the Table of Contents

Each publication has a table of contents. This will list units, weeks for each unit, and articles for each week. Most, but not all weeks, will also have a crossword activity, a Misspilled game, and a weekly assessment.


  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.48.35.pngExpand or Collapse Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.48.44.png - Click on the caret icon next to a unit or week title to view weeks in a unit and articles in a week.


  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.49.51.pngReorder Units/Weeks/Articles - Click on and drag the cross arrow icon to reorder units weeks or articles.


  • Move week to another unit - Click on the actions menu to the right of a week to move that week to a different unit.



  • Revert to Original - Will reorder, units/weeks/articles, back to the original order and resets all toggles to on position. (Does not show up if layout has not been changed.) Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_17.50.36.png
  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_18.12.56.pngActions - Refresh Table of Contents, Bulk toggle actions
    • Bulk toggle actions will toggle on or off all the weeks, assessments, crosswords or Misspilled games for the publication.
  • Add custom assignment to unit or week - You can add a custom assignment for a unit or for a week (See article How to Create Assignments). Add a link to the article “How to Create Assignments”