Instructions for Teachers Using Studies Weekly Online

We recommend teachers spend some time getting familiar with Studies Weekly Online before introducing it to students.. If you haven’t logged in yet, read this article for instructions.

This platform can be a great asset for teachers and students in class and with remote learning. Here are some tips, tricks, and how-tos to improve your experience once you’ve logged in:

1. Create a Class

As a teacher, you will need to create a class before you can add students and give them logins. If classes have already been created for you visit the How to Navigate the Classes Page article.

Teachers may create multiple classrooms if teaching several grades or several classes of one grade. Each can be set-up as a separate online class. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Follow the written steps in the How to Create a Classroom article

2. Add Publications

Teachers can add publications to a classroom they have already created.

From your Studies Weekly Online account and within the desired Classroom Card:

  1. Click View All Publications
  2. Click the Add Publication Access button in the upper right corner.
  3. In the Add Publication Access pop-up window, select the publication(s) you want to add to the classroom. Teachers should be able to see all their purchased publications. Search or filter by Subject and Grade to narrow it down. Click the checkbox for the publications you want to add. Screen_Shot_2022-09-15_at_11.22.41.png
  4. Click Add.

For complete instructions view the How to Add Publications to a Classroom article. 

3. Add Students

Teachers can add students to their Studies Weekly Online classes in multiple ways. To find the best option for you click on the hyperlinks below.

4. Make sure students can log in

After teachers create a class, add publications, and create student logins, students are ready to learn.

  1. Send students their username and password.
  2. Send them a link to Studies Weekly Online:

For troubleshooting student account problems, read these articles:


5. Use Studies Weekly Online with Google Classroom

Teachers can assign Studies Weekly Online weeks or individual assessments, articles, or other media (e.g., images, audio, video) to students in their Google Classroom.

To link your Google Classroom students to Studies Weekly, there are two options:

  • Ensure that existing students’ Studies Weekly usernames match their Google Classroom email addresses. 
  • Import new students from Google Classroom to Studies Weekly.


The option to import Google Classroom students is not available for schools and districts with enterprise rostering like ClassLink or Clever.

See the How to Use Google Classroom with Studies Weekly article for more details. Then follow the directions in the How to Assign Content in Google Classroom article to begin assigning content.

For further instructions on using Studies Weekly Online, view the additional Getting Started articles or visit the Help Center.