How to Navigate the Classes Page

The Classes page is where you can access, view, create, and archive your classrooms. Clicking on a classroom will take you to the Publications page for that classroom. 

You can create multiple classrooms in your Studies Weekly Online account. This lets you have separate classrooms for each class you teach or use multiple classrooms to help you differentiate instruction for a single class.

Watch this video to learn more.


  • Find Classroom: Search for classrooms you have access to
  • Screen_Shot_2022-09-20_at_13.44.34.pngCreate Classroom: Follow the steps to create a new classroom (see How to Create a Classroom)
  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-13_at_07.46.27.pngActions: Import classrooms, view archived classrooms, or refresh the list of classrooms

Individual Classroom Actions 

The card view of each classroom has icons with quick links to open specific classroom elements:                                  

  • Publications
  • Customized Content
  • People
  • Grade
  • Reports
  • Calendar                                                 
  • Class Settings

  • Screen_Shot_2022-04-13_at_07.46.27.pngActions: Edit classroom settings (e.g., classroom name, grade, subjects), sync with Google Classroom, or archive the classroom


The quick links correspond with the tabs on the left side of the screen when a classroom is selected.