How to Add Students to Your Classroom

Teachers can add students to a classroom in a variety of ways. Explore the options below to find the best way for you. 


Teachers using Google Classroom may also find this article helpful; How to Use Google Classroom with Studies Weekly Online.

If the classroom was created by rostering, you will not be able to add students manually. See our articles on rostering here. A manually created classroom allows you to add and edit student accounts.

From your Studies Weekly Online account and within the desired Classroom Card, click People.

Create a New Student


  1. In the Students bar, click the Create Student button .
  2. Fill out all fields and click Create.



Student Password criteria:

  • A lowercase letter
  • A capital (uppercase) letter
  • A number
  • Minimum of five characters
Create Multiple Students
  1. In the Students bar, click the three dots 3_dots_purple.jpg then select Create Multiple Students.

  2. Type in or copy and paste each student name on a new line.
  3. Click Create.



Usernames and passwords will automatically be generated but can be changed later. For more information see the How to Edit Students article.

Add Students Using a Join Code

Join Codes are a simple way to invite students to a classroom. Teachers can either:

  • Copy and share the Join Code from the classroom sub navigation bar.

  • In the Students bar, click the three dots 3_dots_purple.jpg then select Generate Student Join Codes to print and distribute them to students.

The Register page for students has a space to enter the Join Code. Or if students already have an account, they can log in and enter the Join Code when they click the “+” Add Classroom button on the Classrooms page.

Import Students Using a CSV

Importing multiple students using a CSV file is the fastest way to (one time) bulk add students to your classroom. Download the provided CSV file or create your own (with the required fields below).

  1. In the Students bar, click the three dots 3_dots_purple.jpg then select Import Students (CSV).

  2. Download and fill in the columns in the CSV Template and save it to your laptop.
  3. Drop the CSV file in the area provided or click to browse for the CSV file to upload it.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the fields you will use on the import.
  5. Confirm the student information is correct by clicking the boxes to the left of the student names.
  6. Click Import.


Student Password criteria:

  • A lowercase letter
  • A capital (uppercase) letter
  • A number
  • Minimum of five characters
Import an Existing Student

Teachers can import existing students assigned to them from another one of their Studies Weekly Online classrooms.

  1. In the Students bar, click the three dots Screen_Shot_2022-08-23_at_18.12.51.png then select Import Student.
  2. Teachers will see the students who have previously used Studies Weekly Online with you as the teacher. Select a student, then click Import.


Transfer a Student from another Teacher in Your Building/District

Teachers can transfer a single student into their classroom using the student's current username and password.

  1. In the Students bar, click the three dots 3_dots_purple.jpg then select Transfer Student.
  2. In the pop-up window, enter the student’s current username and password.
  3. Click Transfer.

The username and password must match for the transfer to work. Repeat for each student you want to transfer into your classroom.  


The student will still appear in the previous teacher’s classroom until that teacher has removed the student from their class.

See the How to Edit Student Accounts article to learn how to view and edit student usernames and passwords.

Move a Student Out of the Current Classroom and into Another

Teachers can move students between classrooms they have created or to classrooms they share with a co-teacher. 

  1. In the Students section click the three dots 3_dots_purple.jpg then select Move Students.
  2. In the pop-up window, click the down arrow to select the classroom where you wish to move the students. Then click the boxes next to student names to select the students you wish to move. Click Move to move these students to the selected classroom.
  3. After clicking Move, you will be prompted to remove the students from the original classroom. If you click Yes, students will be moved successfully to their new classroom. If you click NO students will remain in the original classroom.



Teachers may need to refresh their screen to see the updated roster.