How to Add Students to Your Classroom

Teachers can add new students to a classroom by creating a new student account one at a time, creating multiple students at once, or using a Join Code.

See the How to Import Existing Students article for other ways to add students.


If the classroom was created by rostering, you will not be able to add students manually. See our articles on rostering here.

From your Studies Weekly Online account:

  1. Click Classes
  2. Select the desired Classroom.
  3. Click the People tab.
Create a New Student Account Create Multiple Students Add Students Using Join Code


  1. Click the Create Student button in the top right corner of the Students section.
  2. Enter student First Name.
  3. Enter student Last Name.
  4. Enter student Username.
  5. Enter student Password.
    • A lowercase letter
    • A capital (uppercase) letter
    • A number
    • Minimum of 5 characters
    • Password criteria:
  6. Click Create.