Lesson Walkthroughs

Teachers and students can find optional Lesson Walkthroughs in the Table of Contents of publications. A Lesson Walkthrough will contain various media types including images, audio recordings, text, and videos associated with the week.

Teachers can mark the Lesson Walkthrough as hidden from students by using the OFF/ON Toggle.

Teachers can view ideas for using the Lesson Walkthrough by selecting the blue Teacher Resources PDF icon in the Table of Contents.

The PDF will open in a new browser tab, then scroll the (printable/downloadable) document for ideas. 


Thumbnail images of the media can also be printed from the Teacher Actions dropdown menu in the Table of Contents.

Lesson Walkthroughs can contain videos, images, audio, and text. As the student reviews each item, a green check mark will appear in the preview as pictured above. Once a student has reviewed all of the items, the coin in the Navigation box and the Table of Contents will turn gold and have a green checkmark, indicating the Lesson Walkthrough has been completed. Media can be viewed as many times as needed, even after the coin is gold.


Reader Mode can be used to enlarge the media.