How to Navigate the Classrooms Page

The Classrooms page is where teachers land upon logging in. Here, they have quick access to find, create, archive, and view classrooms. Access assigned publications, Reports, Customized Content, rosters, and grade student submissions.

Classroom Page Actions:

  • Find Classroom: Search for classrooms you have access to.
  • Create Classroom: Follow the steps to create a new classroom if your district is not using a single sign-on (see the How to Create a Classroom article).
  • Three Dots Menu: Import classrooms, view archived classrooms, or refresh the list of classrooms.
  • Classroom Cards: Each classroom assigned to the teacher is visible on the Classrooms Page.

Individual Classroom Actions 

The card view of each classroom has navigation buttons that when clicked, will open specific classroom elements. The scroll bar allows teachers to view and click directly into a publication or scroll to the far right and choose to View All Publications.

        three_dots_icon.jpgActions: Import Students with Google Classroom or archive the classroom.

        MoveThe move feature allows teachers to organize the classroom cards into any order.

Clicking a classroom’s name will take you to the Publications page for that classroom. The quick links pictured above (People, Teacher Resource Notes, Grade, Reports, Customized Content, and Classroom Settings) correspond with the tabs on the left side of the screen (pictured below). Either link you click on will take you to the same place.


For further instructions on navigating Studies Weekly Online, view additional Teacher articles here.


At the end of the school year, classes will be auto-archived the day after the chosen End of School Date. To learn more, see the How to Edit, Archive, and Recover Classes article.