How to Use the Join Code

Each classroom has an auto-generated Join Code. Teachers can distribute Join Codes as a simple way to add students to a classroom.

Generate a new join code

Open the Classroom you wish to generate a new code for by selecting the Classroom Card. Click the refresh button to the right of the join code to generate a new code.

Click Generate New Code. If you generate a new Join Code, students will not be able to use the old one to join the classroom. Be sure to distribute the new code as needed.


Distributing the join code

Copy the Join Code from the classroom sub-navigation bar. Display it in your classroom or email it to your students.

Printing the Join Code

From the Classroom page, select People in the navigation bar.

Click the three dots in the Students bar and select Generate Student Join Codes from the dropdown.

Enter the number of students that will need a join code.

Click Print Join Codes.


The join codes will generate on a new browser tab.

Use the Click to Print button at the top of the page to open the print dialogue box on your device.



Students who have already registered Students who need to register

If the student is already registered, they will use the join code after they have logged in.

  1. On the Classrooms page, click the Add icon.

  2. Enter the join code and click Add Classroom.

  3. The classroom will show up on the Classrooms page.


For more information, see the How to Add Students to Your Classroom article.