How to Roster with the Studies Weekly CSV Method

Along with rostering through third-party applications such as Clever and ClassLink, Studies Weekly also provides a first-party CSV rostering method. This option is useful for districts that utilize Google-sourced emails for their teachers and students and automate their file uploads using SFTP. The Studies Weekly CSV rostering method is also compatible with users who are not able to automate their file uploads and are not using Google-sourced emails. These users will need to log into the Studies Weekly Online site directly.

If your district is interested in rostering with Studies Weekly CSV, we have created a helpful presentation to walk you through the process of where to download the CSV template files and how to properly format and upload them. Click here to begin setting up your CSV roster.

Studies Weekly Required CSVs


This file is used to provide us with each school in your district that will be using Studies Weekly. Each school using Studies Weekly must be listed in this file in order for accounts to be created and for your users to see the publications your district has purchased.


This file is used to create user accounts for anyone you’d like to have the teacher role on their account. We will use the teacher's email address as their username, and they will be able to use the reset password link to set up their account for the first time. If you’d prefer, we have the ability to send each new user an email with their login information.


This file is used to create user accounts for anyone that needs the student role on their account. How you set their username and password will be dependent on which method you would like your students to log in with. 

For Google SSO, this file will contain four columns: student name, student email, student ID and username. The Google-hosted email address must be assigned in the username column.

For custom usernames and passwords, this file will contain five columns: student name, student email, student ID, username, and password*.

*Each password must be at least 5 characters and include a number. If no password is provided, please include the header in the file, and we will auto-generate one for you.


This file is used to create all of the classrooms at any and all schools within your district. This is also where you will assign the main teacher to their classroom. Additional teachers can be assigned to a class in the teacher_class.csv file. In order for your teachers to have a classroom online, a classroom needs to be declared in this file.


This file is used to assign students to classrooms. If you find that one of your teachers is missing a student, you can check this file to ensure they are assigned to their teacher accordingly.

teacher_class.csv (optional)

This file is used to assign a co-teacher or a second teacher to a classroom. The teachers added to this file will have the same abilities as the main teacher. The only ability the main teacher will have that the secondary teacher will not is deleting a classroom. The main teacher will be assigned in the classes.csv file.

 Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or concerns about using this rostering method, please reach out to