Studies Weekly CSV - Pro and Cons

Pros Cons
First Party Support
Using the Studies Weekly CSV rostering service means you are working with a program that is developed and fully supported by Studies Weekly Online. With that, you can easily find helpful articles within this help center for setting up and troubleshooting your roster.
Plus, we can more readily implement your feedback about improving the rostering process because we have full control over how the Studies Weekly CSV rostering process is handled, and are not working through a third party rostering system.
Automated Rostering through FTP
If your district is familiar with using a file transfer protocol (FTP) client and syncing that with the district Student Information System (SIS) data, then the rostering process through Studies Weekly CSV can be automated. This accommodates changes you make in your SIS, automatically generating new files and updating the FTP server that connects with Studies Weekly Online. Because Studies Weekly Online syncs all files on a nightly basis, your roster will be updated daily.
Single Sign-On through Google
If the teacher and student accounts are rostered using Google-sourced emails for the usernames of the accounts, you can quickly and easily access Studies Weekly Online without the need to memorize a username or password.
After verifying their Google Account, students and teachers can use one of the following options to automatically log in each time:
1. Go through our Single Sign-on interface
2. Go to and select the LOGIN WITH GOOGLE button.
Google Classroom
After setting up the teacher and student accounts with Google-sourced email addresses, the teachers can also utilize the Google Classroom integration in Studies Weekly Online.
Maintain Rostered Accounts
This is the only roster method that allows you to switch back to manual access without losing data. This lets teachers have control over adding and removing students and managing their online accounts.