Rostering Using Studies Weekly CSV FAQs

Click through the tabs below to see answers to commonly asked questions in regard to rostering with Studies Weekly CSV.

Are there any SSO options if we roster with Studies Weekly CSV?

If the teacher and student accounts in your roster are linked to Google-sourced emails, then they can use the Single Sign-On (SSO) link at

 Please Note

Please enable pop-ups on your internet browser to use the Google SSO URL. During the login process, a window will pop-up requesting you to select your account so that you can authenticate the login using your Google account.

Teachers and students can also go to and select the "Log in with Google" button.

Can district and school admin accounts be created through the CSV roster?
We are currently working on making this option available. For now, please submit all of your district and school admin requests to and we can manually create those accounts for you.
Can I use a FTP client to upload my CSV files?
Your first upload of the CSV files will be through the administrator account we provide you during the rostering setup. After your first upload, we can provide you with the credentials to the file transfer protocol (FTP) server where your files are located so that you can use an FTP client and automate the rostering process going forward.