Studies Weekly CSV - Troubleshooting

This article covers some of the most common questions we receive from Studies Weekly CSV users. Additional questions can be directed to .

What is the School ID and where can we find that?
The school_id column in the schools.csv template file is just a unique identifier we require so that the school can be identified in the teacher file and assigned to the right teacher accounts. This number can be made up, as long as each school on your list has a unique ID.
Why can't our teachers invite co-teachers into their classroom?
Teachers, students, and classrooms created through CSV rostering can only be updated through the roster. If a rostered teacher tries to invite a teacher to their rostered classroom, the new teacher won’t be able to join. They need to be added as a co-teacher of the classroom in the teacher_class.csv template file.
How do I create parent accounts and principal accounts with CSV rostering?
Currently, only teacher and student accounts can be created through the CSV file upload. We are working to add additional roles, but for now, this must be done manually. If your district needs accounts created for school admins, please reach out to
Do we have to upload all 5 files each time we need to add a user or classroom?
If you are uploading the files directly through the district admin account provided by Studies Weekly, then yes. Any time you need to add or remove a teacher, student, or classroom, you will need to re-upload all 5 CSV template files (schools.csv, teachers.csv, students.csv, classes.csv, student_class.csv). Even if the change is just for one student, all of these CSV files are needed because they designate how your roster connects to Studies Weekly Online.
If you use a file transfer protocol (FTP) client, then we can help you automate the file upload process to the FTP server directly. If not, our CSV instructional presentation explains how you can zip the files and upload the zipped file to save time.

 Troubleshooting Help

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