How to Navigate the Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report will show your student's statistics on questions and highlights within articles.

From your Studies Weekly Online account and within the desired Classroom Card:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Snapshot Report.
  3. Use the dropdown boxes to Select Publication, Select Week, and Select Content.
  4. Select either Statistics or Highlights.


Statistics and Highlights can also be found after clicking into a week in the Table of Contents.

Statistics Highlights

The Statistics tab allows teachers to check student understanding and progress on article questions, activities, customized content, weekly assessments, Crossword and Misspilled.

The default view shows teachers their student list. It can be sorted by Name to see who has Not Taken (not completed) their comprehension questions and see Coins Earned/Coin Possible for the selected Content (chosen in the dropdown box).

Click each article comprehension question to see a bar graph of responses and how many attempts students’ took to get the correct answer. Attempts are numbered sequentially. 

*Two additional overviews are available within Statistics.

When selecting customized content, assessments, Crossword, and Misspilled from the Content dropdown. The Class Overview and the Student Score Overview.


Class Overview

The Class Overview shows the percentile scores for the class in a bar chart. Hovering over each bar gives teachers the student count for that percentile range. Individual scores can also be found directly below the bar chart.


Student Score Overview

The Student Score Overview shows the score for each student in a bar chart. Hovering over each bar will give the number correct for that student. Individual student scores can also be found directly below the bar chart.