Students earn coins by answering comprehension questions on articles and Explore More media, and completing the Misspilled vocabulary review. They can then use these coins in Study Buddies and Explorers.

The student can view the number of coins available below the username, on the Classrooms page.

To see the total number of coins a student has earned for a publication, click the Classroom Reports tab on the Reports page.

Comprehension questions for articles and Explore More media are worth 10, 5, 3, or 1 coin(s) depending on how many tries it takes to get the correct answer.

  • 10 coins = for answering correctly on the first attempt
  • 5 = for answering correctly on the second attempt
  • 3 = for answering correctly on the third attempt
  • 1 = for answering correctly on the last attempt

Students earn coins by completing the Misspilled vocabulary review in a certain amount of time:

  • Less than 5 minutes = 10 coins
  • Less than 3 minutes = 20 coins
  • Less than 2 minutes = 40 coins

If students finish in even less time, they can earn up to 70 coins.