Article Comprehension Questions

Article comprehension questions are designed to help students learn how to identify evidence from the reading to support a claim. Students receive immediate feedback when completing article comprehension questions and are incentivized to complete each question correctly in as few attempts as possible in order to earn as many coins as possible.

This provides a chance to learn and improve without the pressure of being graded, which can often induce fear of failure. Unlike our Weekly Assessments, the questions on article comprehension are not tied to specific standards and are intentionally not graded.

Article comprehension questions are worth 10, 5, 3, or 1 coin(s) depending on how many tries it takes to get the correct answer.

  • 1st attempt = 10 coins
  • 2nd attempt = 5 coins 
  • 3rd attempt = 3 coins
  • Last attempt = 1 coins

There is no submit button, so students are automatically awarded these coins based on the number of attempts.

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