Legacy Science FAQ

With the Science publication, the student edition is bundled with three separate science units. Physical Science is the first section, then Earth Science, then Life Science. The teacher resource book also has three sections but in a slightly different order. Earth Science is first, then Life Science, then Physical Science. We have labels for each unit at the beginning of the week, on the worksheets, and on the assessment pages.

We understand how the order of the different sections can be inconvenient, and we are looking into updating our teacher resource book next year to be in the same order as the student edition.

Most people are familiar with our Social Studies publications, which have the student and teacher materials bundled together by quarters. However, our Science publications are broken down into 3 units; Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. When you are viewing this publication online, you will be able to see Week 1-9 of Physical Science, then it starts over with Week 1 for Life Science, and again when it gets to Earth Science.

The physical teacher materials are also divided by the 3 units. You may receive 3 booklets, one for each unit, or 1 booklet with three different sections. You will want to make sure you are using the appropriate unit section when you are teaching from your booklet. The online teacher materials will reflect the physical materials you received and show the 3 individual booklets by unit or all together in one booklet.