OneRoster CSV - Troubleshooting

This article covers some of the most common questions we receive from OneRoster CSV users. Additional questions can be directed to .

My student is rostered, why can't they log in?
1. Check the CSV files to confirm that the student was on them and was shared to Studies Weekly Online.
2. Check when they were added to the roster. Were they added after last night's sync? (Remember, we sync your roster data on a nightly basis).
3. Contact your district rostering administrator. They will need to log in through their rostering admin account, to check if the most recent sync was successful. If the sync failed, they can reach out to
Why can't our teachers invite co-teachers into their classroom?
Teachers, students, and classrooms created through automated rostering can only be updated through the OneRoster system. If a rostered teacher tries to invite a teacher to their rostered classroom, the new teacher won’t be able to join. They need to be added as a co-teacher of the classroom through OneRoster.
Why do my students see classes in their account that aren't associated with Studies Weekly?

If your students see other classes besides your Studies Weekly classroom, it is because your district rostering admin shared this information in their Student Information System (SIS) rostering data given to Studies Weekly.
Depending on the type of roster server the district is using, your district may be unable to filter out data from the SIS when we sync your roster files each night. There are some roster servers and SIS servers that don't provide the ability to filter the data that is being shared to the CSV files that are uploaded to the Studies Weekly FTP server. Because of this, there may be teachers, students, and classrooms that are created in Studies Weekly Online for users that are not using the Studies Weekly publication.
If they have the ability to do so, the district roster admin should filter out any teachers, students, and classrooms that aren't utilizing Studies Weekly Online before sharing their OneRoster CSV file.

 Troubleshooting Help

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