OneRoster CSV - Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Automated Rostering through FTP
Due to the widespread use of the OneRoster CSV format, it is compatible with most Student Information Systems (SIS) and roster servers. It is easy to use as well, because you can automatically import roster data into OneRoster CSV files and then upload them to the Studies Weekly Online file transfer protocol (FTP) server.
Once uploaded, Studies Weekly Online syncs all files on a nightly basis. If you add or remove a student, teacher, or classroom through OneRoster, then that updated information will be in Studies Weekly Online by the next day.
Multiple Formats Supported
Studies Weekly Online supports the 1.0 and the 1.1 format versions for OneRoster CSV files.
Single Sign-On through Google
If the teacher and student accounts are rostered using Google-sourced emails for the usernames of the accounts, you can quickly and easily access Studies Weekly Online without the need to memorize a username or password.
After verifying their Google Account, students and teachers can use one of the following options to automatically log in each time:
1. Go through our Single Sign-on interface
2. Go to and select the LOGIN WITH GOOGLE button.
Google Classroom
After setting up the teacher and student accounts with Google-sourced email addresses, the teachers can also utilize the Google Classroom integration in Studies Weekly Online.