Rostering - Clever FAQs

Click through the tabs below to see answers to commonly asked questions in regard to rostering with Clever.

Is there a cost associated with rostering through Clever?
Studies Weekly does not charge districts to roster with Clever. However, as with other third-party rostering services, we do require that publications have been purchased for your students and teachers so that they can fully utilize Studies Weekly Online. When a district requests Clever, we will check if the number of publications purchased justifies rostering the entire district through Clever, or if manually registering a few teachers and their classrooms would be a better option.
Can non-teacher staff and administrator accounts be created through Clever rostering?
Yes, staff and administrator accounts can either be given a teacher role, school administrator role, or district administrator role depending on the level of access that is specified in the account. To add a user to the Clever roster as staff or admin, please reach out to Clever support.
Can we use the Studies Weekly SSO application in Clever if we aren't rostered?

Your district will need to be rostered in order to use the official Studies Weekly Online 3.0 SSO application in Clever. However, a custom application can be created in Clever with set as the shortcut URL. This will act as an SSO for users that have a Google-sourced email attached to their Studies Weekly Online account. 

 Please Note

In order to use the Google SSO, please enable pop-ups on your internet browser. During the login process, a window will pop-up requesting you to select your account so that you can authenticate the login using your Google account.

If your users do not have Google-sourced emails, then you can set the custom application URL to be That will take your users to the Studies Weekly Online login page.