ClassLink - Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Simple Setup Process
If your district already integrates your Student Information System (SIS) data into ClassLink, setting up the integration between your Roster and Studies Weekly Online is a quick and simple process.
Automated Roster Updates
After we set up the integration between your ClassLink Roster and Studies Weekly Online, your roster data will be scheduled to sync on a nightly basis. If you ever need to add or remove a teacher, change a class, or update the credentials on an account, these changes automatically process during the nightly sync.
Single Sign-On Application
Once we have synced your ClassLink roster data, your teacher, student, and admin accounts will be available to use immediately.
Rostered users can connect to Studies Weekly Online directly from ClassLink, or by selecting LOGIN WITH CLASSLINK on the login page.
Filter Shared Data
Before sharing your roster with the Studies Weekly application, ClassLink provides you with a way to filter the shared data so that accounts and classrooms are only created for teachers, students, and admins who are using Studies Weekly Online.
  • Studies Weekly also recommends adjusting the sharing rules specific to the subject (Social Studies, Science, Early Learning, or Health and Wellness) depending on what your district has ordered. This will reduce confusion and prevent unnecessary classrooms from being created within each user account.