Rostering - ClassLink FAQs

Click through the tabs below to see answers to commonly asked questions in regard to rostering with ClassLink.

Is there a cost associated with rostering through ClassLink?
Studies Weekly does not charge districts to roster with ClassLink. However, as with other third-party rostering services, we do require that publications have been purchased for your students and teachers so that they can fully utilize Studies Weekly Online.
Can non-teacher staff and administrator accounts be created through ClassLink rostering?
Yes, Studies Weekly Online does support staff and administrators shared through the ClassLink roster. These users will either be given the teacher role, school administrator role, or district administrator role depending on the level of access that is specified in the account. To add a user to the ClassLink roster as staff or admin, please reach out to ClassLink support.
Which Studies Weekly SSO application should I download from the Global Application Library in ClassLink?
The Studies Weekly Online 3.0 Oauth2 application with the blue Studies Weekly logo is our most up-to-date SSO application.