How to Order Studies Weekly for Homeschool

Homeschool parents MUST order through the Homeschool Store unless they are ordering 10 or more publications. This article includes step-by-step instructions on how to place your order.

Place the Online Order

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your state from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  3. Select HOMESCHOOL on the top menu.State_and_Homeschool_Tag.png
  4. Select your subject on the Homeschool main page.Store-Homeschool-Step-2a-2021.png

On the order page:

  1. Choose the grade level you need.
  2. Format: Choose Print & Online (default) or choose Online Only.
  3. Language: If the publication is also offered in Spanish then there will be a Language field in which you can choose English or Spanish.
  4. Quantity: Select the number of students.
  5. Click Add to Cart.
  6. Click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner.
  7. Review your order, then click the Checkout button.

Checkout Steps

When you click Checkout, you will see the option to Log In (if you have an account already) or to Create Account.


Once you have logged into your account, fill out the fields in the Checkout form.

  1. Fill out shipping information for your student(s).
  2. Select the school year the order is for.
  3. Choose when to ship. See How to Select Shipping Preferences to learn more.
    • Select Ship all materials together if you want all materials to come at the same time when they are all ready.
    • Select Ship each product when in stock if you are okay with materials coming separately, if they are ready at different times.
    • Select I can receive shipment at any time OR select date ranges for when you are NOT available to receive shipment.
  4. Select Credit Card or Purchase Order and enter requested information.

    • If you are with a charter school and select Purchase Order, click on the dropdown menu under Homeschool Association and select your charter school.
  5. If the billing and shipping information are different, uncheck the box next to Billing Address.
  6. Review the information, then click Place Order.