California LGBTQ+ laws

California's LGBTQ+ social studies framework requires that all social studies curriculum engages in ‘fair and equitable coverage’ per the state’s specifications and the suggestions of the FAIR Act Coalition. While we are required to provide such content, individual districts, schools, and teachers may determine if they wish to cover those articles with their students.

Here are the articles in our publications that pertain to the State of California’s social content requirements for the LGBTQ+ community:

Grade 2 Week 34: Alan Turing, Inventors

Grade 2 Weeks 36: Harvey Milk & Sally Ride, People Making a Difference

Grade 4 Week 24: Charley Parkhurst: One Tough Stagecoach Driver, gender differences

Grade 4 Week 33 George Takei, California Industries

Grade 4 Week 35 Gay Rights Timeline, California Government

Grade 5 Week 19 Billie Jean King, Equal Rights

Grade 5 Week 31 The Price of Freedom, Then and Now, Harvey Milk

Grade 8 Week 5: States Rights, brief mention of same-sex marriage

Grade 8 Week 24: Charley Parkhurst, gender differences

Please share this list with your peers to assist in selecting the material you feel most appropriate for your students.