Texas Science Studies Weekly Component Navigation

This article will give information on accessing specific features in Studies Weekly Online after logging in. 

To access the Studies Weekly Online Student Edition, click the desired publication. The Table of Contents is the default view and is also the digital version of the Student Edition. 

Teachers can also access a PDF version of the Student Edition and Teacher Edition by clicking either the student or teacher icon next to the title of each week in the Table of Contents:

When teachers select the Teacher Edition of a publication, they will see it is broken down into four sections: Publication, Unit, Week, and Article or Activity. Teachers can access the PDF version of the Teacher Edition from the Table of Contents, next to the PDF Student Edition icon.


Within each section you will find the following resources (not all resources will be in every publication). Some items can be found at multiple levels. One possible location for each item is shown below.

TEKS Explained articles are also available online for students in grades 2-5. Look for these Extended Reading articles in the last week of a unit, after the last activity.