Studies Weekly Online Instructional Strategy Templates

Teachers use a multitude of instructional strategies to deliver their lessons to students. There is no one size fits all strategy in the learning process and with that in mind Studies Weekly Online has created a variety of Instructional Strategy Templates for classroom use. These PDF templates help students become actively involved in the learning process.

The Instructional Strategy Templates are universally applicable teaching and learning resources for all grades and subjects. The following Instructional Strategy Templates are included in Studies Weekly Online plus more not listed

To access the PDF templates, from your Studies Weekly Online account:

  1. Click the Training and Resources tab.
  2. Select Resources.                                   
  3. Scroll down until you see the Instructional Strategy Templates section.
  4. Click a PDF to open it in a new tab. Each PDF is available in English and/or Spanish, has instructions, and has a section for student name and date.

To learn about additional resources, visit the Online Teaching Tools section of the Help Center