How To Navigate the School Admin Role

As a School Administrator using Studies Weekly Online, you have access to view all of the teachers, students, and classrooms connected to your school. School Admins also have the ability to log in as any teacher or student. This article will cover how to navigate your role.

Click the hamburger menu at the top of the page to expand or collapse the sub navigation bar.

School Overview Usage Report

  1. This feature shows the total number of Students, Teachers, and Classrooms connected to your school, which makes it easier for you to keep track of the total number of users. Each tab can be clicked to see the full list of names. 
  2. The Search feature gives you quick access to type in the name of a student, teacher, or classroom you want to find. 
  3. If your school is manually enrolling students in Studies Weekly Online the ID column for Students, Teachers, and Classrooms will say Not Rostered.
  4. If you wish to see more rows per page, use the dropdown menu to add more rows. You can also click the arrows to advance to the next page or visit a previous page.

When you click a Student’s name, a popup window will show the Student Details including the LOG IN AS feature. This allows you to log into the student’s account. 


When you click a Teacher’s name, a popup window will show the Teacher Details including the LOG IN AS feature. This allows you to log into the teacher’s account. 


When you click on a classroom,  a popup window will show the Classroom Details. Here, you will also notice an option to click the LOG IN AS feature to impersonate the teacher or students.



User level roles are easy to identify by the color of the navigational sidebar. A District Admin’s sidebar is dark gray, while a School Admin’s sidebar is green. A Teacher’s sidebar is blue, and a Student’s sidebar is purple.     


If you are a District Administrator, visit the How to Navigate the District Admin Role article.

For information on navigating the teacher or student dashboards visit the How to Navigate the Account Dashboard or How to Navigate the Student Dashboard.