Teacher Supplement Online

Where do I find my teacher supplement online?

The teacher supplement includes items such as; answer keys, lesson plans, assessments, etc.

To find the teacher supplement online

  • Log in to your online account
    • Go to studiesweekly.com/online
    • Enter username (email address)
    • Enter password
    • Click Login
  • In the blue menu bar select the Reading tab
  • Select your publication icon from the list available
  • You may also select the week you are working on. This provides more Resources to you than if you were simply on the publication.
  • Scroll down past all weeks to the Resources tab found at the bottom
  • Find the quarter you are interested in viewing
  • You may choose to View the file online or download it to your computer

PLEASE NOTE: All password protected PDFs will be encrypted with your login email address as the password.