Teacher Resources Online

How do I find all the online teacher materials that come with my subscription?

There are many features of your online account which you may not be aware of. This article focuses on teacher resources found under the Reading tab. Log in to your online account and let's get started.

  • Log in to your online account
    • Go to studiesweekly.com/online
    • Enter username (email address)
    • Enter password
    • Click Login
  • In the blue menu bar select the Reading tab
  • Select the publication that you would like to view

Teacher resources

There are many teacher resources provided for every publication. They all require you to scroll down to the bottom.

  • Select the week you are working on. This provides more Resources to you than if you were simply on the publication.
  • Scroll down past all weeks to the tabs found at the bottom
  • You will find tabs for
    • Unit Standards
    • Article Standards
    • Lesson Plan
    • Content Videos
    • Worksheets
    • Resources For This Publication
    • K-6 General Resources
    • Leveled Readers grades K-2

Unit/Article Standards

  • This is where you will find if we have associated your state standards to the week or specific articles

Lesson Plans

  • Here you will find a suggested lesson plan for the weekly unit
  • Lesson Plans may include:
    • Words to know and word wall words or BAV
    • Reading language arts prompts
    • Teacher-guided questions
    • Let's write
    • Best practices
    • Differentiated instruction

Content Videos

  • This area will contain videos related to the topic of your weekly unit
  • These videos may or may not be the same ones you would find under Bonus Sources

Bonus Sources

  • This is at the top of the screen by the title of the article you are reading
  • Click here to see related media such as videos or pictures


  • This area has PDF's of worksheets related to the week
  • These can be printed and given to students

Resources for this Publication

  • Here you will be able to view the standards correlations for your publication
  • You may also view the student newspaper and the teacher resource book

K-6 General Resources

  • You will find additional lesson plans and resources in this area
  • Virtual Field trips are great, especially for students who may not venture far from the city in which they were born

Many of these same resources, and others, may be found in the PD Training tab at the top of your screen. You will want to check there as well.

Leveled Readers

  • This area is only for K-2 students
  • The New Leveled Readers is done by subject. You will find 3 readers per subject; approaching grade level, on grade level and above grade level
  • These readers may be printed and handed to students
  • Printing Leveled Readers