Printing Leveled Readers

The K-2 New Leveled Readers are a great addition to any classroom. Teachers can choose books that are approaching, on or above grade level for each student. Each level has a different subject to avoid comparison with their neighbor.

To print these booklets for your students, simply log into your online account.

    • Go to
    • Enter username (email address)
    • Enter password
    • Click Login
  • In the blue menu bar select the Reading tab  
  • Select the publication that you would like to view
  • Choose a week in that publication
  • Scroll down, past the article, past the lesson plans, past the worksheets until you get to NEW Leveled Readers
  • Download the book of your choice
  • Open the download and choose the print option

For a Mac:

  • In printer settings go to the preview tab and choose layout
  • Make sure the two-sided box is checked
  • Under Two-Sided choose Short-Edge binding
  • Click print

For a PC:

  • Choose the Layout tab
  • Choose Print on Both Sides
  • In the drop-down choose Flip on Short Edge
  • Click print

The pages will print in the proper order. Simply take the page from the printer, fold it in half with the cover on the outside, staple the folded edge and your booklet is ready