Parent Account

The Studies Weekly parent account allows you to link your account to your student(s) and follow their progress. You, as a parent, may view their highlights. You may also view their assessments to see how they did. Here are the steps to set up and use your parent account.

First, click here to create an account.

Next, you will need a parent code. You can get a parent code from the teacher, or from your student's account by clicking on the letter at the top right next to your student's avatar. Then click "View Parent Code".

Then, you can put the parent code in your account, by clicking "Add Child" on the left. You will then be prompted to type in the parent code. 

You can now view any highlights the student has made and their tests scores.

To view test scores, click "Assessments" and you will see the publications currently assigned to your student. Click on the publication then you will see a summary of the test scores for each week.