How To View Student Highlights

Teachers can view what the students have highlighted and annotated in each article. These can be found in the Snapshot Report but also directly within the Table of Contents. To view highlights in the Snapshot report, visit the How to Navigate the Snapshot Report article.

From your Studies Weekly Online account and within the desired Classroom Card

  1. Click the desired publication or click View All Publications.
  2. Once a publication has been chosen, open the unit, week, and article you would like to view.
  3. Click the Highlights button above the article.

In Highlights, teachers will see individual student highlights and total highlights for the class.

Each student in the classroom appears in the list. The colored circles located to the right of each student’s name show the number of highlights the student has made in that color for that article.

Circles that are shaped like a conversation bubble indicate that the student has left annotations for that highlighted section.

Scroll left or right to see additional colored circles.

Click a colored circle for a student to show their highlights and annotations.
Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_09.59.34.png Click a student name to show the list of all highlights in all colors made by that student.
Hover over color in the Total Class Highlights chart to see the number of total highlights for that color.

Click on the color in the Total Class Highlights chart to see a list of all students who highlighted text using that color and what they highlighted.
Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_10.11.23.png To return to the Highlight Report, click Back located above the purple header bar.