Student Usernames and Passwords

Click the Create Student icon to create a unique username and password for your students. In the dialog box that appears, type a First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Password.

As you fill in student information, you may find auto-filled information or a message stating that the username is taken.

Browser Auto-fills Information

Sometimes the browser will automatically fill the First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Password with your saved information. Delete your information to type in the student’s name, username, and password.


The Username is Taken

Studies Weekly has students in all 50 states using the online product. Usernames must be unique so they don’t access another students' account. If the username has already been taken, try adding a number to the name or use the student's school ID number.

The Student Already Has a Username and Password

If students have used Studies Weekly Online before, they can continue to use the same username and password. The student will need to be transferred from the previous class to the new class.

If the student doesn’t remember their previous username and password, ask their previous teacher for the student’s login information.