How to Navigate the Student Dashboard

When you log into Studies Weekly, you will see your Student Dashboard. On the Classrooms page, you will see classrooms your teacher has assigned to you. 



Student Dashboard Overview
Each classroom has icons with quick links to open the Publications page or the To Do page. You will also see options to add a classroom, see how many coins you have, and view options in the profile menu.
Profile Menu

Click on the arrow next to the username to open the profile menu where you can access the Explorers and Study Buddy games, account settings, and sign out.


Below the username, you can see how many coins you have.

Add Classroom

If your teacher gave you a code to join a Classroom, click on the “+” Add Classroom button in the top right corner. Once you enter the code there, you should see the classroom appear.


Classroom Tabs

If you are already assigned to one or more Classrooms, simply click on a classroom to begin. Once you enter a Classroom, you will see two tabs: Publications and To Do.


In the Publications tab, select a Publication to view its Table of Contents. The Table of Contents shows all of the sections and lessons within the Publication.


In the To Do tab, you will see tasks that have been assigned to you by your teacher. Available tasks are those that have not been completed yet. Completed tasks have been completed, but not graded. Graded tasks have been completed and graded.


Be sure to check the To Do tab regularly for your assignments.