Common Cartridge by IMS Global

Studies Weekly can provide its publications to schools that use an LMS in the form of a thin common cartridge. A common cartridge is an electronic file that contains the learning materials for a given course. Studies Weekly provides a thin version of the common cartridge since its materials are hosted online at www.studiesweekly.com. Instead of directly containing the learning materials, the thin common cartridge contains links to where the same materials are hosted on the internet. This allows the cartridge files to remain small. It also provides a layer of security between the LMS application and the learning materials which are hosted on the internet. This security is implemented through the LTI standard.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) by IMS Global

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard that allows an LMS application to securely communicate with a remote service provider. This standard implements OAuth 1.0 and allows the LMS to securely communicate with a service provider, which can then validate requests for content. To set up the LTI standard, Studies Weekly will provide the school with a consumer key and shared secret value. The LTI standard requires parties to use these values to digitally sign transmissions.

Canvas Schoology

Many schools employ a Learning Management System (LMS) to administrate computer-aided learning. An LMS is an application that provides a more secure and controlled environment than a standard web browser. An LMS imports the school's roster to provision accounts and sets up classrooms. It gives teachers interfaces where they can post lessons, assign homework, administer assessments, and communicate with students. It issues students their own user credentials so they can log in. It also allows users to view learning materials from content providers, such as Studies Weekly, without requiring additional login credentials.