Technology Integration

What is Rostering?

Rostering with Studies Weekly allows districts to create and manage user accounts for teachers and students district wide through a variety of automated processes. We are also able to collect roster data through third-party applications, such as ClassLink or Clever. 

User data that is sent through the roster will be given a Studies Weekly Online account and be assigned either a district admin, teacher, or student role. 


Why would I choose to roster my teachers and students?

As a District Admin that manages the roster data for your district, you will have the ability to manage the users that utilize the Studies Weekly materials you’ve purchased. If you have a lot of users at your school, you can help them get a head start on the school year by setting up their online accounts for them. You can easily transfer data from one teacher to another, remove unused student or teacher accounts, and see data and usage reports for your district.


Do I have to roster my users?

No, if you would rather allow your teachers to manage their own classrooms and students, you can direct them to the registration page where they can create their own accounts. The teachers will have the option to upload their students in bulk using an Excel spreadsheet.

The teacher registration page can be found here:


What options do you have for automated rostering?

We offer integrations with third-party applications such as ClassLink or Clever, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) file sharing, or a direct connection with your Student Information System (SIS) through OneRoster API. 


How often are you able to sync data?

Studies Weekly will sync data every night to ensure we have the latest information. We are able to sync upon request as well.


Do you offer Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Yes, we offer Single Sign-On through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OAuth 2.0 Handshake or Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) by IMS Global.


Could we use Studies Weekly with a Learning Management System?

Yes, an LMS imports the school's roster to provision accounts and sets up classrooms. It gives teachers interfaces where they can post lessons, assign homework, administer assessments, and communicate with students.


What LMS’s do you integrate with?

We can integrate with Canvas, Schoology and many others. If you are interested in knowing if your district’s LMS can integrate with Studies Weekly, please reach out to our rostering support team!