How to Navigate the Publications Page

The Publications page is where teachers can view, add, or remove publications from the selected classroom.

From your Studies Weekly Online Account Dashboard:

  1. Click Classes (or My Classes).
  2. Select the desired Classroom.

This will open the classroom’s Publications page by default.


The following options are available here:

  1. Find Publication: Allows teachers to search for a publication already assigned to the classroom
  2. Add Publication Access: Shows a list of all publications available to be added to the current classroom
  3. Screen_Shot_2022-04-12_at_07.26.52.pngActions: Allows teachers to refresh the Publications page when a change is made
  4. Individual Publication Actions: Allows teachers to remove publication access from the classroom


Missing a publication? Contact Customer Support here or at 866-311-8734.

To learn more, see the How to Add Publications to a Classroom article.